Black Strawberries: The Eye-Opening Truth

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You have seen on the internet about black strawberries. This has intrigued you to perhaps buy seeds and grow them yourself.

In this article, we will explore the history of black strawberries and find out whether they really exist.

You will also learn something about strawberries of other colors, which are rare at the moment.

Do Black Strawberries Really Exist?

Black strawberries definitely do not exist in reality. They exist only in the imaginary world.

The whole thing started twenty years ago when the artist John Robertson made a black strawberry out of resin and spray-painted it black.

 So, it wasn’t even a real strawberry. Jonathan Knowles then photographed the artwork. The photo went around the world.

This inspired scammers to use the photo and allegedly sell black strawberry seeds.

Black strawberry is usually mistaken for black raspberry. The “black raspberry”, is a type of a dark-colored raspberry that looks like a blackberry. The berries are not actually black, but rather they are a deep purple color.

So black strawberries are neither raspberries nor blackberries. They simply do not exist.

Black Strawberries Scam

drawn dark blue, black and green strawberry (all intense colors)

Sellers of black strawberries show an image of an unnaturally black strawberry, jet-black in color. That does not exist in nature. Mother Nature has never produced such intensely black colored fruit.

There are strawberries that are dark, almost black. These are the purple strawberries, those that are extremely dark in color. However, they are never jet-black.

On eBay and Amazon, you can find dozens of sellers who allegedly sell black strawberry seeds. These fraudsters survive because time works in their favor.

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When someone falls for this scam and buys seeds, it takes up to a year for those seeds to grow into strawberries.

 Usually, during this period, buyers lose the desire to sue sellers. The fraudsters have already disappeared and are operating on another website. So fraudsters get away with it all.

You have to be very careful.

On eBay and Amazon, there are those who promise green, rainbow-colored, blue, and pink strawberry seeds. There, you can also find rainbow roses and cubic watermelons offers. Therefore, everything that does not exist in nature.

Of course, it’s all a scam.

How to Recognize a Scam?

Alleged sellers of black strawberries have a narrow range of products. In fact, they sometimes sell only black strawberry seeds.

Unlike them, reputable companies offer a lot of other products.

Also, pay attention to reviews, and what customers say. This can show you what is really happening.

These sellers post fake pictures, that is, pictures processed by a computer program.

However, none of this should put you off buying seeds online. You can continue buying, but only from reliable companies.

Strawberries of Other Colors

At the market, you can find red strawberries. But do you know that strawberries can come in other colors too?

Red Strawberries

Lot of red strawberries

We are all familiar with red strawberries. Among them, there are various subtypes, with larger and smaller fruits.

Red strawberries are full of nutrients. They are characterized by their intense and wonderful taste.

Thanks to the presence of protein Fragaria allergen 1, strawberries take on a red color.

There are also some other, rarer variants that we will now describe.

Yellow Strawberries

These strawberries are very rare, and very tasty as well. A popular variety is a Yellow wonder.

White Strawberries

White strawberry

This type of strawberry has a red seed. White strawberries have a sweet-sour taste and belong to the Fragaria genus.

 There are many subtypes. The Pineberry variant is very well known. This includes Fragaria Vesca, the sweetest type of strawberry. This variety is also known as White Soul and Alpine strawberry.

White strawberries have a lack or very low levels of protein Fragaria allergen 1. This protein is the main culprit of strawberry allergies.

 So if you are allergic to strawberries (red ones), you can eat white strawberries as much as you want. 

Purple Strawberries

These strawberries are very new. They are result of a breeding program at Cornell University. Purple strawberries are aromatic and sweet.

If purple purple strawberries are darker, they can look black, but never jet-black. They are very expensive and very rare. You can not grow them from seeds, because this type of strawberries is the result of inbreeding.

Final Note

The mystery is solved, black strawberries don’t exist! The so-called sale of black strawberry seeds on the Internet is just the result of a scam.

In case you want something extravagant, focus on white, yellow, or purple strawberries. Many of them are hard to find, but they do exist, unlike black strawberries.

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