Best Pruning Saw in 2022 to Make Your Yard Beautiful

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You love spending your precious free time in your garden. But it leads you to despair when you see branches sprouting and overgrown plants. How do you solve this in an easy and painless way?

The solution is a Pruning Saw. Regular pruning of branches and plants will contribute to their progress and thus their beautiful appearance.

In the text that follows, you will learn how to choose the saw that best suits your needs. You will also get acquainted with (according to my criteria) the Best Pruning Saw.

 The Best Pruning Saws at First Sight

After studying many Pruning Saws, my number one is the RS 7255 RazorTOOTH Corona Pruning Saw.

Before we go into details, let’s familiarize ourselves with the features of the pruning saws in general. 

What is Pruning Saw?

 Pruning Saw is a garden tool designed for pruning plants and branches. Where secateurs and loppers are unsuitable for use due to thicker branches, and a chainsaw is unnecessary, Pruning Saw comes into play as a medium solution.

Pruning Saw is best used for small branches 2 to 4 inches (5 cm to 10 cm) thick. This tool is great for use when cutting branches that are high above the head, because you can do it all with one hand.

This garden tool can approach the corners of the branch and make precise cuts without damaging the rest of the tree. With a chainsaw, this is impossible to achieve.

Working with Pruning Saw is quite easy and fast and gives pleasure when your plants and trees begin to slowly get the desired look with each subsequent cutting of twigs.

What to Look for When Choosing a Pruning Saw

Here you should always keep in mind: tool lenght, blade, teeth, handle, safety, and how long will it last.

Tool Length

If tall trees predominate in your garden, then you should get longer Pruning Saw, which will allow you to prune the highest branches without difficulty. If this is not the case then working with a shorter tool is much more comfortable.



It is important that your tool has a great band resistance because that way you can use it a lot and it will last longer.

 The best material is high-carbon steel that can be quenched or impulse hardened. Impulse-hardened carbon steel allows the teeth to stay sharp longer.

 Carbon steel is otherwise susceptible to rust, so you should check whether it is chrome-plated or coated with some protection.

Straight or curved blades

The straight blade is used when trimming at the level of the user’s chest or waist.

Curved blades are great when pruning over your head or making low cuts.


The most common blade lengths are 6 and 9 inches (15 to 23 cm). But it can also vary from 3 inches to 15 inches (7,5cm to 36cm).


Teeth on the blade ensure that the cutting is done very sharply and quickly.

Pay attention to the number of teeth per inch and other characteristics of teeth when choosing tools. Most tools have 3 to 24 teeth per inch (TPI).

 The blade will cut faster when there are fewer teeth, but it usually leaves rough ends on the branch. With a larger number of teeth, it takes more time to cut the branch, but the cut is smoother.


The handle should be made ergonomically, ie it should be adapted to the hand. It is usually made of TRP plastic or rubber. The handle material should prevent the hand from slipping and allow a firm grip.

 It is good that the handle is curved in the end because it prevents the hand from slipping when working.

Usually Pruning Saw is designed so that the handle allows the user to improve the cutting of stronger branches by pushing or pulling.


Pruning saw is a sharp tool and can be dangerous in certain situations. This is especially true of powered Pruning Saws.

 Fixed Pruning Saws should have a case that protects against sharp blade teeth when the tool is not in use, and it also prolongs their life.

Bending saws usually have a closing mechanism that should always be checked especially if you put the tool in your pocket.

It is also good if there is a part on the handle on which the tool can be attached to the wall when it is out of use.

How Long Will It Last

Some saws come with spare parts, but you should pay attention to the price, which can be doubled in that case.

You can sharpen blade yourself, but it is recommended that a professional do it.

Recommendations for Pruning Saw Maintenance

  • Cleaning: After use, wash the tool with dish detergent and dry it well. It is best to coat it with oil afterwards to prevent rusting.
  • Storing: Store Pruning Saw in a dry, safe place, out of the sun. And of course, out of reach of children.

RS 7255 RazorTOOTH Corona Pruning Saw

RazorTOOTH Corona Pruning Saw is a tool for efficient cutting of branches up to 4 inches in diameter, designed for single-hand use.


  • extremely hard and durable saw blade
  • efficient cutting with less effort
  • easy to hold, ergonomically designed handle
  • safe and easy locking

Cons: None

Product info

  • Item model number RS 7255
  • Dimensions 17.5 x8 x10 inches
  • Folding tool
  • 8 inches blade length
  • Number of teeth – 6
  • Manual power
  • 4 inches is the maximum cutting diameter
  • Item Weight: 0.01 ounces
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Tool Description

This tool is a great little folding garden saw. It is intended for those who want a long-lasting thing, with which they will perform work efficiently and without much effort.

The blade is really well made and cuts very good. It is 8” long, curved, and made of high carbon Japanese steel. This blade is extremely hard and durable. It is chromed to protect against corrosion and reduce friction during cutting.

If there is a need, you can replace the blade.

The saw has 6 teeth per inch, which is great when you want to cut wood limbs on a cross cut. The teeth are sharp, so you use less effort when cutting.

This tool has three-sided teeth, which gives great power and efficiency when cutting. The teeth are triple ground. Maintaining the sharpness of the teeth is achieved by a focused impulse hardening process on blade teeth. So you can use this tool for a long time without it affecting its sharpness.

 The handle fits perfectly in your hand. The end of the handle is bent, which reduces the sliding of the hand during work. 

Also, older people can cut branches with this tool without too much effort.

You will save money by purchasing this long-lasting item that will perform a quality job in trimming the branches.

After finishing the job, store the pruning saw in a bent position, with the handle covering the blade. The saw can be easily locked. This ensures protection against injuries.

There is a cutout on the handle so you can hang your tool on the workshop wall.


I hope you have learned a lot about how to choose the Best Pruning Saw for you. Here, you also got to know my favorite RS 7255 RazorTOOTH Corona Pruning Saw in more detail.

If you have any suggestions feel free to join the discussion. Please leave a comment below.

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