About Me

Profile pictureGreeting. I am Ana, the founder of Gardencrayon.com.

I have always lived in an apartment in the city and as a child I did not particularly like going to the countryside for the weekend. I was bored with that and I believed that it was more interesting in the city.

However, life has taught me how important being in nature is, especially for our spiritual growth. And I started to go more and more often to the village where there is a typical old Serbian house, as you can see from the picture below.

Around our house there is a spacious property filled with apple, pear, plum, quince, apricot trees.

In addition, my family grows various vegetables, there are also parsley, chokeberry… There are walnut trees, and there are also hazelnuts. Of course there are flowers.

I found true love in nature and gardening. I enjoy it and it inspires me and brings me closer to God.

I want to share here my experiences of growing flowers, fruits and vegetables, and to pass on my love of gardening to others.

Here you will learn in detail how to grow healthy plants and everything related to gardening.

On this journey of learning about various fantastic plants I wish you all the best!

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